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Check out our selection of Spyderco Knives from the Para Military 2 to the Para 3.

Overland Chef

Going Overland requires the best gear that could be found. Usually, a ragtag arsenal of knives in a camp kit which included at least one everyday carry, an old Russian survival tool for clearing brush and fist full of kitchen knives that were expendable at the cost of abuse were what peopled needed. Crazy right? Messermeister dug deep into the world of bushcraft to put their spin on a pair of knives that are up to the challenge of performing the everyday chores encountered when going off the grid.

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Boker Tiger-Damast

The impressive Boker Tiger-Damascus adds a very special model to our series of pocket knives steeped in history. The collector's knife with a historical past is a real piece of living history and combines high-quality craftsmanship with authentic materials. Known worldwide as the Tiger, the Panzerkampfwagen VI was used by the Wehrmacht from the late summer of 1942.

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